The best watalappan you have ever tasted…

Welcome to, a premier dessert store for watalappan and other sweets.

About Us
The company was established in year 2008 with a view of serving customers with homemade quality desserts and is fully owned by Yasasa Distributors, a leading manufacturer and distributor of desserts.

With a 7 years of unblemished history in supplying desserts for local super markets, restaurants and retail stores, the company has gained excellence in manufacturing tasty and quality desserts

What we offer
The company offers you a wide range of desserts with fabulous taste including watalappan, chocolate biscuit pudding, caramel pudding, jelly custard, etc.

Our desserts are perfect for any of your celebrations specially for birthday parties, weddings, alms giving, office treats and parties, etc. Let us make your special event even more fascinating with our popular watalappan and other desserts.